Lubomyśl is located within the municipality of Żary, just next to the district town of Żary. The Żary-Zielona Góra national road runs nearby. Almost 500 people live here. The village is mainly built with detached houses (many new houses are being built). In Lubomyśl there is also a sports field with a football pitch, a church, a cemetery, a DINO brand store, a multifunctional Resident Meeting Centre and several service companies. There are numerous trees in the Lubomyśl area – forming a park with the area of 0.81 ha. There are V-class soils around the village, local farmers grow mainly grains and potatoes. This really good location of the village made it attractive. Individual housing has developed here. A municipal economic zone was also established near the village. The residents of Lubomyśl are active. Numerous promotional events are held here, including the cyclical Polish-German Exhibition of Regional and Lusatian Products. The surrounding forests encourage to pick mushrooms, and a rich network of bike trails to organise hiking and cycling trips.

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Lubomyśl is included in the oldest Lusatian settlements in the Żary Land. It has changed name many times in its rich history. The German name was: Waltersdorf, Lusatian: Wałtarjejce, Polish: Walterowie and Lubomyśl. The village was first mentioned in 1381. It appears in the list of names from the land register under the rule of the Bibersteins. Waltersdorf was then inhabited by 18 people. On 6th January, 1480 Johan von Biberstein mortgaged Waltersdorf under the rule of (Żary), Beeskau and Storkow (nowadays east Germany in Sprewa region). On 3^rd June, 1490 the cities of Sorau (Żary), Beeskau and Storkow sold the villages received earlier (including Waltersdorf) to the reign of Saxon princes. In the 19th century, Waltersdorf belonged to Sorau parish. It should be assumed that in 1933 in Waltersdorf there was a branch of a Protestant school from Reinswalde, what is certified by archive news referring to the ownership of this school within the area of Waltersdorf dating back to 1933, found on a website of the State Archives in Zielona Góra. In 1939 Waltersdorf was inhabited by 399 people. From 1946 there resided Poles – transferred, among others, from the west and central Poland. The monuments in the village are: a chapel near the cemetery from the 19th century, buildings of post-German farm complex and a monumental wall of stone close to the present park.

Worth seeing

TheMother of God of Częstochowa church

from the 19th century belonging to the Złotnik parish. Located in a very charming place. There is a cemetery nearby. Holy masses are performed here every Sunday at 9.30.

Tourist parking

a place of rest among the greenery for hikers and cyclists, located at the entrance to Lubomyśl from the side of Żary. There is also an educational path about the positive impact of bicycle on health.

The park

great atmosphere of greenery creates a unique climate. We will find here specimens of trees like – an oak, a maple, a hornbeam, an elm and an acacia. Cyclical promotion events take place here. There is a playground and a lot of recreation devices.